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Our new School Label Pack is a fabulous way to stay organized this school year. These adorable labels are peel and stick are printed on permanent vinyl.  This will help your kiddos and their teachers make sure your stuff returns home.  Available in a variety of colours, fonts, and images.  Order yours today!

School Label Pack includes:

6 – 70mm x 70mm square

10 – 40mm circles

44 – 38mm x 16.5mm

34 – 21mm x 10mm


Additional information


bough breaks, canoodling, cookie king, long island, peach preserves, sharky pants, sugar britches, typewriter


alpaca, apple-yellow, atom, backpack, beakers, bear, bicycle, blocks, book, book-open, books-stack, building, camel, chalboard, coffee, computer, cup, dolphin, eagle, flamingo, football, giraffe, globe, heart, hippo, ice-cream, iguana, jellyfish, koalal, ladybug, maple leaf, math, microscope, mouse, narwhal, owl, paint, pen, pencil, pencil crayons, penguin, pizza, plant, quail, rabbit, rainbow, school bus, scissors, sloth, sun hearts, telescope, toucan, unicorn, vampire bat, worm, x-ray fish, yak, zebra