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Wallet Card-Badass Bestie


Badass besties who slay together, stay together.  This aluminium printed wallet card will last and last–just like your friendship and makes a badass birthday or everyday gift between best friends.

 This is a lovely sentimental and unique gift for someone you love.  Here is a little gesture that says a thousand words. A keepsake to treasure and carry with you always. A gift to bring a smile to your face. A little reminder for loved ones, friends and family. These wallet cards are truly a unique gift. 


  • aluminium
  • lightweight
  • durable
  •  85mm x 55mm/3in x 2 in


  • Want something different from the design pictured?  Have an idea and can’t find it listed in our shop? We’d love to work with you.
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Please note that the actual colour may vary slightly due to your monitor settings.

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